The Portrait Experience


A shoot with me isn’t just about your portraits, it’s an Experience! A day spent feeling like a Supermodel and posing like one - wearing that red dress, smoky eyes and feeling the wind in your hair.

I'll take care of you end to end with helping you select your clothes, getting your hair and makeup done with the best makeup artists, shooting you in different setups with guided posing and bringing you high quality prints and enlargements to last a lifetime.

Are you saying to yourself –

  • I need to lose weight for this!
  • Sheetal, why didn’t I find you in my young years. This isn’t meant for my age.
  • Why would I do this for myself? I am not a model, not an actor, nor want to become one.

Firstly the portrait experience is to give yourself the love you deserve. It has nothing to do with age, weight, body type. You have spent years working hard, taking care of your families and loved ones. Isn’t it time to give something back to yourself?

Worried about arms looking fat or your double chin showing up? Don’t worry – I’ve got it covered! Posing is a science that makes your body look flattering in portraits.

Don’t worry about these petty things. Just let go and experience this. It’s my job is to give you this experience where you SEE yourself in your complete Beauty, Glory and Power. Moreover, every morning when you wake up, you have portraits from this experience that remind you who You truly are for a lifetime!

Experience this shoot just for yourself or share it with someone you love – may it be your partner, mother, sister, kids or your entire family.


What to do after you book your shoot?

Watch Behind the Scenes: Nivedita's super - glamorous shoot

  • Book your shoot.
  • Schedule your shoot date.
  • Styling: Picking your pretty clothes for the shoot with my constant guidance to help you arrange something that will look great in portraits. Tip: This is a good time to experiment with a look you've always fantasized. Go shopping! Get out of your comfort zones!
  • Hair & Makeup: On the shoot day we start early at 7.30am with the hair and makeup which might take 2-2.5 hours.
  • Shoot: Finally your moment in front of the camera. Even if its your first time in front of the camera, let go and I'll take care of you. I'll guide you how to pose and help you bring those beautiful expressions out. Tip: Trust, let go and have fun. You're in safe hands.
  • Edit: Your portraits are getting edited. It will be 2 weeks till they will be ready for you to view.
  • The Grand Reveal: Your beautiful portraits are revealed in front of you for the first time and you can go ahead and select whatever you like. The prints you view now are for preview which will go for the final printing once your selection is made.
  • Final Delivery: Your portfolio box with your beautiful portraits and enlargements if you have ordered them are all ready in the next 1 week. Schedule your pickup, frame them if you wish and hang these stunning portraits in the walls of your home. They'll remind of the things that matter every single day of your life.

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