"Photogenic" is a Myth!

If you've been told you're not photogenic, you haven't found the right photographer yet!


Hi! I'm Sheetal

- a  Portrait Photographer, Artist and an Entrepreneur

I'm here to show your True Power and Beauty through your Portraits.
Because it would be a shame if it went unnoticed by the world.
And mainly by YOU!


A Shoot with me isn’t just about your Portraits.

It’s an Experience!

A Day spent Feeling like a Supermodel and Posing like One.
Wearing that Red hot dress you love with
Dark Sexy Smoky Eyes and your hair down!




The Hall of Portraits


Sheetal Petkar Portrait Couture, Gurgaon


  • What do you want to FEEL looking at your Portraits
  • The clothes you fantasize wearing
  • The makeup looks you love
  • If you want to experience the shoot for yourself or share it with someone you love
  • The empty walls of your home you want to fill with Enlargements

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Calendar shoot 2017: The Making

This series of fine art portraits represents different phases of life - from the innocent dreams of childhood, growing up, carefreeness, taking life as it comes, the fire of achieving success, becoming a star, losing everything we have, fading off and lifting ourselves back up, realizing who we really are and rising back again. It is called "Bhavachakra - The Wheel"