"Curvy is the new sexy!": Photographing thebausgirl Radhika Sharma

So last week i photographed the bubbly, funny, full of life bausgirl Radhika Sharma. Radhika is a lifestyle blogger and a youtuber. She has been a media girl for 10 years. What i loved about Radhika is how comfortable she is about her body. She eats right, exercises regularly. I've had a lot of my own body issues and i know many women who feel like me. Our bodies need love and acceptance. Nature did not make a woman to be a definite size, shape, a definite color or a particular kind of skin tone and texture. We all women represent nature in a varied way.


Be honest and tell me how many of the curvy beauties out there shy away from the camera or click only closeups of themselves and not their bodies? Isn't it a gift to have a body that is fully functional, a body that helps you move around, doing things you love? Do u have a portrait of yourself valuing your body? And don't you think it is time you honored it?

If you are a curvy woman reading this or any woman for that matter who feels her body isn't beautiful and isn't worthy celebrating, give me a chance to photograph you because i beg to differ. I want to change your view about it, i want you to fall in love with yourself all over again.

I have started a series inspired by Radhika and dedicated to all us curvy women - "Curvy is the new sexy!" And this is the first shoot in that series. If you want to be a part of this beautiful series that is so close to my heart, drop a comment below with your email id or phone number or drop by the studio. I would love to know you, meet you and show the world how beautiful you are!

Presenting the lovely Radhika Sharma!


She also made a video on me giving 5 tips of how to pose for photographs. Follow her on youtube channel The Fashion Track. Watch the below video and subscribe to her channel for more amazing videos.