The Spirit of an Artist!

This post goes to the Spirit of Artists!

When we artists create something and put it out there, for anybody else it might be just another painting or just another picture. An artist puts a piece of his soul in every art that he creates. Just creating art is different and putting it out there is different. The artist feels vulnerable and tremendous amount of self doubt is a characteristic of him however big he becomes. Putting it out there needs courage. Putting a price tag on it needs courage. They know they create beauty, they know they are adding on to the culture of this generation. Some say art is not a need, it is a luxury. We spend hugely in things that are gonna diminish in time but does art ever diminish? It lives longer than anyone of us. It stirs emotions up inside us even decades and decades after we see it again.

We visit old caves, historical monuments. We would make a trip to Paris and not miss the Mona Lisa. We are proud of the Taj Mahal, the architecture of our temples that are so so unique. How many works of art have lived centuries after they were created and now are inherently added on to the region's culture. How can art be perceived as not a need?


Even if we talk about art at a personal level, how many years a beautiful portrait of your family bring a smile on your face? How many years will you cherish it? The mobile phone you spent money on is going to get outdated in the next 2-3 years and yet we perceive more value in it than a portrait that becomes a heirloom for your family, something that your future generations will cherish.


We need to look at art in a different light now. It deserves to be given more attention and value. Along with that artists need to value what they do too. I am proud of calling myself an artist and it has taken me some time to say that. But yes I know what priceless and timeless art i can create for people and i have reached a place where I value myself, my art and these beautiful portraits i create for people. I know the value of that smiles i capture, the moments when you hold your Love, the moments when you cradle your baby in your arms, capturing it and letting that moment for a Lifetime. I am glad and humbled i get to give this to people. A Self portrait because i value myself more now <3 This is what i wish for all us artists is "Know thyself!"

Sheetal PetkarComment