Year One at Sheetal Petkar Glamour Portraiture Studio

Drumrolls and finally i completed 1 year at my beautiful studio in Pune on May 30th. This year brought me closer to life and closer to who I am. I have learnt to live according to who i am and not how i am supposed to be. As artists there are so many things we do that people consider weird. Its not new when an artist is called a psycho, moody, weird, loner, a control freak, introvert and all those things. I don't see it as a problem anymore. My studio has taught me to be true to myself no matter what people think or say.


One thing i can never do is be something I am not or pretend to like something i don't like. This Year One at my studio has been a journey of discovering myself, following Inspiration, creating quality Art than quantity, letting the Creative energy flow through me and I wouldn't do anything that would block it. I have created art based on art that thrills me..Old style paintings, creating new and different textured backdrops, setups, shooting with smoke, underwater photography and starting a calendar shoot for 2017 of fine art portraiture. There has certainly been a leap in the thought process behind my art ever since the studio started. My space has this beautiful positive creative energy and it has inspired me to create art that has meant something to me and the person i have photographed.


And then yes there have been days when I have reevaluated my path, thought if anything i was creating was worth anything, if my life had any meaning or if i was just moving around like a dry leaf caught up in a wind, moving around feeling no control of myself whatsoever.


Vulnerability, Self evaluation, Self discovery, Patience and oodles of it, Self belief and sometimes the lack of it, lots and lots of patience again, Happiness of walking on your life path, days when i felt proud of myself, days when i was humbled, days with appreciation and without it, days when i felt i lived a life of meaning and the days i didn't.. patience, patience, days of impatience, days of creating amazing art and again days of patience..  Its been more of mental hardwork than the physical. And now the physical hardwork doesn't feel like hardwork at all.

I might not have reached the place i want to yet but I am happy and proud of one fact that I am trying to live upto what I am truly capable of doing in life. I want to constantly explore my true potential, I don't feel I am there yet but I am trying and searching, seeking that everyday. That is what is driving me, pushing me, keeping me restless, nothing else and i mean nothing else is my motivation. Self discovery is what I am seeking as an artist, as a human being, as a person who has important people in my life. I want to create art that brings happiness to people, that makes someone smile, that lifts someones spirits, art that brings them closer to who they really are. This is what I am striving for and living for and the search goes on...

Showcasing the journey of my year in pictures... :)


And the journey continues... Thank you all for showering me with so much love and appreciation. You all have been one source of constant encouragement through out. Thank you <3

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