Sheetal Petkar's Calendar 2017: "Bhavachakra - The Wheel"

Months of planning and countless hours of shoots and edits later I finally launch my first Calendar ever for the exciting coming year of 2017!


30th December 2015 i wrote down my vision for this year and that was the seed of Project Calendar 2017. I had been wanting to do this since 2 years but when you get busy with the business part of things "personal projects" don't stand importance. The artist in me needed to get this out of my system. I still did not take it seriously until June when a friend started nudging me to pick it up. There are times when you have these beautiful people in your life who believe in you more than you believe in yourself. And I am gifted with so many of them.

I picked up my pen and notebook and started jotting down all the ideas i wanted to experiment with. I have forever been intrigued with Nature, its Grandness and its Imperfections and how it still completes itself with so much randomness. I wanted to bring different elements of nature and combine it with something else that intrigues me - Humans! I wanted to portray humans and the emotions and phases they go through in life, the expression in their non-expression. Like we all experience, Life is not always rosy but there's so much depth and learning in every phase of life. Real personalities are built in times of hardships.

I know I've grown the most when I've not had the life i wanted. It pushed me to think what I did want and what I wanted to be. I've always striven to be the best version of myself. I don't always succeed and most days I am not at my best but the ultimate goal of my life is living everyday as nobody else but as who God made me to be. I constantly strive to know who I am and what I am capable of. Do i know the answer yet? At times I am in my full glory and at times I forget who I am. And no, I do not know what I am capable of yet. My fear, self doubts restrict my thought of how high I could reach and what I could truly achieve.

And so everyday I hustle and i ask myself, was that the best you were capable of today? It is very fairy-taley to expect a "Yes" most of the days. The road to seeking your truth needs patience and persistence. It is a road of discovery, failures and rediscovery. I am okay even if the answer is a "No, not even close woman! You could do better than that". But it is very important to keep going, to never give up. This was the inspiration for my calendar. The inspiration was to accept different phases of life, accepting the importance of its existence, seeing it for what it is, not less nor more and then moving forward from that phase by learning what it meant to teach you.

Behind the scenes: Planning for the craziest ideas and shooting with the most awesome people <3

My Calendar 2017 is named "Bhavachakra - The Wheel" representing the different phases of Life from the innocent dreams of childhood, growing up, carefreeness, taking life as it comes, the fire of achieving success, becoming a star, losing everything we have, fading off and lifting ourselves back up, realizing who we really are and rising back again. May my calendar project help you find clarity in life, help you see the phase of your life for what it is and for what it is meant to teach you. May it help you realize that if you are not in the best phase of your life, know that it is a wheel, it will turn, the phase will pass. And the more centered you are, the more you stay away from the drama it brings to you. That is what brings you closer to Yourself.

May this year 2017 be remarkable for you and may it bring the best out of You as a Gift to Yourself spreading your Glory to this beautiful World we live in!

Presenting to you my Calendar for the year 2017: Bhavachakra - The Wheel


January 2017
The Innocent years of Dreams & Imagination
Featuring Shrishti Rathi


February 2017
The Carefree Spirit
Featuring Monika Huparikar


March 2017
The Wild and the Fearless One
Featuring Protima Tiwary


April 2017
The Fire of Pursuit
Featuring Srishti Sinha


May 2017
The Glory of Stardom
Featuring Smita Kulkarni


June 2017
Fading away
Featuring Soham Sabnis


July 2017
The Identity on the brink of Life & Death
Featuring Ritika Guha


August 2017
Featuring Bharat Srivastava


September 2017
The Rise of the Underdog
Featuring Rucha Rawal


October 2017
The Burst of Passion
Featuring Asifa Shaikh


November 2017
The Happiness of simply "Be-ing": Redefining Glory
Featuring Shreya Hankare


December 2017
Finding the Light within & without
Featuring Namita Vaidya

This Calendar wouldn't have been possible without these amazing people who took out time for me from their busy schedules to help me bring my first Calendar to life. A very very heartfelt Thank you to Bharat Srivastava, Ritika Guha, Ankeyt Malviya, Shreya Hankare, Dinesh Jagtap, Shrishti Rathi, Monika Huparikar, Protima Tiwary, Srishti Sinha, Smita Kulkarni, Soham Sabnis, Rucha Rawal, Asifa Shaikh, Namita Vaidya, Samik Roy Choudhury and my family for always holding my back.


I am pretty psyched about how the sample prints of my calendar look like. I printed these in 8" x 12" size, all glossy and shining and the artist in me is happy and content for this year. ***Happy Dance***

Personal Project Calendar 2017 Launch: Mission accomplished!

If you wish to have a table top version of this calendar, drop me a line at and let me figure out how to reach it to you.

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