An Inspired Shoot Creating Timeless Portraits!

Being constantly inspired is so necessary in art or any other field for that matter. It helps you grow and explore parts of you that have never seen before. I have been inspired by old paintings by amazing portrait painters, the way they've used light, shadows, colors, the flow of fabric, setups. Since i can't achieve all that with a brush, i used my camera to get the look and feel of it.

My model for this shoot, Shreya, one lively soul! She loves doing anything that is related to art. She is one of the people i could steal for making artwork and props for my shoots :D She had done the flower arrangements during the inauguration of my studio and i was totally blown away by it. I like people who can create art, make things, create something out of nothing and working with them is a sweet collaboration. She turned out be the best person i could try my inspired shoot with.

Oh yes! And how did i forget..I turned a makeup artist for this shoot! :D My fantastic makeup artist Dinesh taught me nuances of makeup for portraiture. This is the first time i have experimented with artificial lighting to get this mood. My day was tiring but i felt so so good, so much of learning and an output that made me happy. Here are the portraits from that shoot.