Happy 2 year Glamour Portraiture Anniversary to me! ft. Underwater Portrait Shoot

2 years back when i was soul searching, I knew I wanted to create art that made a difference to people. It could be as small as bringing a tiny smile on someone's face to something that's life changing. I feel very tiny even today to bring about that change with whatever small amount of talent God has gifted me with and sent me teachers along the way who could help me grow. I found my purpose through Portraiture. Every good and bad thing that has ever happened in my Life was leading me to Portraiture and my new baby, the Studio.

These 2 years of my Life have been crazy. I never knew this purpose of my Life meant so much to me that it made me push myself sooo way out of my comfort zone. I have done every single thing in these 2 years that has scared me to my death. I have shivered, walked, jumped, taken big leaps of faith and even today I am still on that journey. I don't know why this purpose means so much to me. I don't know why I wake up every single day and go to work with a fresh mindset of new ideas when a night before i have felt hopeless, insecured, exhausted and clueless. This by far has been the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken.

I have a few people to thank. I know i never say this but Mom, Dad, Akshay - I love you guys. You all are pillars of my strength and support. I am thankful for having such a kickass family like you people. Thank you for taking my mood swings, my crazy challenging decisions and supporting me even when you did not agree with me. Samik - for kicking butt and making me a true artist. You inspire me every single day and thank you for that. Sue Bryce - for starting this revolution of Glamour Portraiture and inspiring so many photographers to thrive, Jessica Lark - for helping me and keep alive the artist inside me. Thank you for choosing me to be your apprentice. Nivedita - for being my very first female bakri to be photographed :D. Alll my clients - you have helped me get better at what i do. Thank you for the faith you all have surrendered to me with. My crazy friends - Thank you for just saying "You can do this" in the moments i don't believe it. And this Higher Power i believe in who has sent me a beautiful studio i never imagined i could ever have, I am grateful for the beautiful moments i've had here.


I am releasing a shoot today that was a highlight for me in this year. This also started with an inspiration and a soul connection with an awesome human being Protima Tiwary. It started as a small coffee conversation and built into finding resources to make an undershoot happen. We both have gone through crazy heights to bring this shoot to existence. We specially thank Courtyard Marriott Chakan who gave us permission to shoot in their beautiful pool. Ankeyt, Akshay P. and Akshay KSK for helping me with the shoot, Thank you for waking up in the morning and doing so much work on an off day. Monica Quintana on educating me with your expertise and warning me of the challenges i was going to face during the shoot. Gautam Bhardwaj for helping me with the grain removal.

So 3 hours of being in a cold cold pool, cramped up muscles and nights of editing presenting you our first Underwater shoot ever -

In this storm called Life I walk Being a wave of Calmness, I walk, I exist, Living with the Beauty of Uncertainty!