A Journey into an Uncharted territory of the Soul!

We know who we are. We know what we like, we know what we dislike. We have our habits and we want things in a specific way. We have goals, a path, things we should do and should not. We carve out a nice path for ourself, we keep walking on that fixed path, life is comfortable. Life gets busy on that path, building a career, jobs, setting up businesses, earning a living, family responsibilities, giving time to our loved ones, trying to live a good lifestyle, all of this is essential for a good life yes.


Getting stuck to that polished path you have carved out for yourself for such a long time, have you wondered what part of you lies in the Jungles? The parts of you, that you conveniently throw off in the jungle thinking they make you weak. Being emotional, vulnerable, crying, feeling shy, feeling uncertain, feeling bold..these qualities of you that you think the world cannot digest in and that don't show your strength are the parts of you that are true. The strong part of you that you show to the world and keep believing in it is the tip of an iceberg, the mass below it is what builds you up and is so so beautiful!

I am passionate about capturing that part of you that lies in the Jungles, the parts of you that you might find provoking, the parts of you that you very reluctantly open yourself up to. The time for reuniting with yourself is due. You have shunned it for long and now its time to go back to it, because that is You! Bringing that part of you back to yourself will never slow you down but will bring you peace, it will fill the gaps of emptiness or vacuum you've been feeling all along inspite of all the luxury and the comfort you've given yourself. Let's go home!

Photographing Protima was a surreal experience for her and for me. When she opened herself up to me, I felt like she was holding a mirror. We are so similar that it is creepy, our stories go on the same path, we are thinking the same thing, I have never experienced that with anyone ever. I would literally call her my Soul Twin. A day of letting the Wild untamed side of her be, being okay with it made us both very emotional. The experience was so beautiful, something shifted in her and in me. I opened the doors of myself that i had shut for very long. So this post is dedicated to this magical experience we've had and they stay with us in the form of these beautiful portraits.

I am a World inside me you haven’t seen, a territory beyond my giggles and my drama, a World i enter in my Silence. Masks drop off here. I know no manners. I hug my weaknesses here. I hug Myself. I Love regardless of being hurt. Everything is okay here, there are no judgements. Yet this space scares me, there is no Pretence. I might fool the world, I can’t fool myself here. I am stripped naked here of all the glitz and glamour. I am Crystal Clear as Water. This was what i was born into the world as..

I am a Wild Woman! I Cry with my heart out, I Laugh loudly, I Love hopelessly. I am not a Lady. I am Raw, Vulnerable, Wild, Mad, Powerful, Crazy, Sexy, Bold, Beautiful. This is who I am. I am a Woman!
And all this while I have waited for this embrace, seeking for approval, waiting to be loved unconditionally, yearning for it, trying to seek it in all the corners of this world just to find it in my own backyard, I found that Love in my own arms. I have Love, I am Love and that is enough to keep me breathing for this Lifetime. It is good to be back Home!
The Wild Muse!
You’d feel you’ve traveled my soul, seen my entire world and known me inside out only to realize that you did not even get past the doorway yet. In this Mystery world behind my Drama and my Extravagance, you’d be Intoxicated just by the breath of air left for you to breathe. Don’t tell me you hadn’t been warned!

There is more coming from this shoot. Stay tuned. Have you ever discovered a part of yourself you thought never existed? Please share your stories either in the comments, or in mail (sheetalpetkar.2@gmail.com) or in person. I would love to listen to them.

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