12 steps to Germinating the Seed of a Creative Idea! ..with a few beautiful faces i photographed in these few months.

Nothing in life is achieved without a VISION! There is always either an outcome you want to create or a feeling you want to feel at the end of your creation process. The only difference between a person who creates an idea and who doesn't is the person who creates does little things that he/she learns along the way. DOING makes the real difference. Although I am not a preacher, I am jut somebody who is going through this process and i wanted to share what i am learning along the way.

Sharing the beautiful faces i shot in these few months too. If i have missed out on something feel free to add in the comments your ideas of getting a creative idea to fruition.

1. Show up everyday for the inspiration no matter when your breakthrough idea strikes!

                                                                          Dr.Nivedita Page - daughter, wife, Anesthetist

                                                                          Dr.Nivedita Page - daughter, wife, Anesthetist

2. Own the outcome of the idea..Be the idea..Internalize it!

                                                                                          Asifa Shaikh - Client servicing

                                                                                          Asifa Shaikh - Client servicing

3. Don't b terrified of the result! Expect it to happen..Feel the nervousness when it appears but don't give into it. Get used to seeing it around.

                                                                                            Dr. Nekee Sejpal - Anesthetist

                                                                                            Dr. Nekee Sejpal - Anesthetist

4. Keep your mind absolutely clear about your path. Mind silence and clarity are the most essential for anything and everything. 

                                                                          Shravya Randive - my youngest glam model

                                                                          Shravya Randive - my youngest glam model

5. Be ready to act when breakthrough idea strikes opportunity to act strikes. It can come out of the blue.

                                                                          Dr. Aditee Yelmar - Anesthetist

                                                                          Dr. Aditee Yelmar - Anesthetist

6. Its alright to have that dream, that idea. You don't need to be judged and if you feel so passionately about it, stick to it and stop questioning your reasons for having it. It could be the best idea you ever have.

Stop giving explanations to yourself and anybody about why you want to create that idea. You don't owe an explanation to anybody.

Creating is your human nature and your human right!

                                                                                  Vrushali Bhilare - Assistant Manager at a MNC

                                                                                  Vrushali Bhilare - Assistant Manager at a MNC

7. You are not going to be always blessed with all qualities to create an idea. But everything is learnable. Research, hunt, find ways to gain knowledge to get to the goal smartly, quickly and efficiently.

P.S. Your problem is not unique. There are thousands who have lived before you and had the same or similar problem as yours. Learn from how other people got past their weaknesses and problems. If you look for a solution or guidance, you are going to find it.


8. Creation in the present and your past situation are not related to each other in anyway unless you make the relation.

Where you go from this moment is YOUR call and your responsibility and that attitude decides your end result. 


The next 4 points are to make sure you relieve yourself of your emotional baggage and live with lighter shoulders...

9. Know what your weaknesses are. Be a quick learner and own what you learned immediately. If you make a mistake, admit it quickly, forgive yourself, make the correction and move on.

Don't spend years reliving the mistakes, regrets and dreads in your mind. It does no good to anybody! Trial and error way of living is a pretty good way to live than never experiment at all.

Keep a healthy relationship with your life. 


10. Apply this even in case where others are weak somewhere and they make mistakes. Don't be too harsh on them. Spread what you have learned, help them learn and then don't be attached with what they do with that knowledge.

Help and move on.


11. Be a better person, a better human being in all situations..even when your tempted not to be. 


12. Be there for people when they realize their mistakes and when they say sorry. Forgive them. Believe in second chances, third chances, fourth chances, n number of chances.

God never gives up on us after thousands of mistakes. He still believes we can be better human beings. Every individual is unique and can be a super awesome human being. Every single person has the potential of greatness. Believe in yourself and the rest of humankind!