The real Freedom!

My last year at Rhythm & Hues, frankly i had been fantasizing being out of office. I used to wonder about what i could do with what i have learn't here. I would photograph, shoot films, go to amazing locations, travel probably, wake up whenever i wanted, etc, etc..It was a mere fantasy. My critical side said "yeah probably u will have new problems then"..Thank god to the dreamy side of me which had 85-90% side which replied "mm..Yeah probably.. But wouldn't it be so much fun to explore!"

When i did get out first thing that i felt was that i was on long vacation from work. And after a while it hit me! At Rhythm i had a sense of belonging. I felt i belonged to the company and now i felt orphaned suddenly. I was not doing things i fantasized of because i was confused, lost. I fought that feeling with watching the Grey's anatomy series day and night. I wasn't a big fan of the series but i just didn't want to stop. Its crazy how u behave when insanity strikes you.

Anyways long story short, i did get back to my senses and i cleared my vision as to what i wanted to do. Today i am truly living the life that i fantasized. I am creating art for the love of it. I have never felt so free
and fearless in my entire life. I am exploring art and life like no tomorrow. Every night i sleep, i have a sense of accomplishment. I have something to wake up the next morning for. A dream, a purpose worth living
for. For the first time, i don't have worry or fear dangling over my head. I feel I'm living life like its meant to live! Its so surreal to explore the unexplored side of yourself. That surprise of realizing a talent, a feature about yourself that u never knew you had. I would have never found out if i had carried on a safe and secured job. Becoming too comfortable in life just stops the exploration!

I got a team pretty quickly, amazing vendors. Like they say, when you are living your purpose, the universe supports you and everything just falls into your lap. i have slowly started earning money. Not a lot, but it has started coming in. I am loving the work i am doing and i am getting so much appreciation and encouragement from people, its humbling. When you see your art generating any beautiful emotion in someone, you feel so content..It gives you a feeling that your doing something right! It was easy to get into a temptation of getting into a job. Its safe, u feel financially secured, but its NOT meant for everyone. You need to decide for yourself what works for you. Nobody, not your parents, not your friends, partner, nobody can decide that. If you are not happy doing something it is not meant for you, Period. If the days of complaining, problems, depression is extending for many days, something needs to change! Do not blame it on anyone then. Don't worry about money, Money follows. It always follows. Its been 6 months i have not been on a salary and not on a single instance have i taken a single penny from my parents. When i decided money will not control me, it will follow me, the experience has been so surreal that when i need money, it just follows. I either get a project or a photoshoot, its just there. Its surreal to see that money does not have to control you.

You are the boss! Just do what you want! Follow your dreams. Just Jump! And your faith will catch you.

Happily sharing my first promo ever "Meet Namita!"

Meet Namita! Sheetal Petkar Promo from Sheetal Petkar on Vimeo.

Every woman is beautiful! And sometimes to Feel that you need to see it through somebody else's Eyes!
Please help me spread this to more women out there..I want more women to feel this way about themselves!
For more info go to . If you would like yourself or any loved ones to be photographed please mail me at I would love to hear from you!

Special thanks to Namita, for doing everything as i say! hehe..
My brother, Akshay for capturing the behind the scenes with his cell phone camera,
my best friend, Samik RC for composing such a beautiful piece of music in midst of his busy shooting schedule
my mom, Hema Petkar for styling and handstitching such a beautiful skirt!
and last but not the least Dinesh Jagtap for being an amazing makeup artist and an entertainer

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