Getting your "gorgeous" out series! - WHY?

So as my confusion cleared and i came to a decision of starting a Makeover Portrait studio in Pune, this last month i have been working towards setting it up. Work is so much fun, i tend to happily overwork :P Living a life of purpose can be so gratifying. We hear and read about it but actually experiencing it is so completely on a different level. 

The concept of being "gorgeous" to an everyday woman is still so suppressed. Beauty has been never considered a necessity, yet we are always pulled towards it. The world runs towards it, yet hypocritically criticizing it. 

Why have a makeover photo shoot when you don't model or act? 
What's all the showoff for and what clothes are you wearing??
What is wrong with you?
Have you started modelling? 
Are you shifting careers? 
Your not serious about your work anymore! 
Makeup karnese koi bhi acha dikh sakta hai? (Anybody can look good with makeup)
All this is so fake!

Yet deep down inside, every single one of you is dying to feel it. 
When somebody compliments you at the start of your day - "Hey, you look so good today", your day is made. There is an instant effortless smile. So quick! You feel charismatic the entire day. You stay in that amazing mood, you don't get as angry at people, you do something good for somebody. So why criticize it?

Yes makeover, styling doesn't change who you are as a person, but it brings newness to the way you look at yourself. You love buying that new dress, you buy those new shoes even if its wayyyy out of your budget, you pour yourselves in hot wax, you pluck your eyebrows, you scrub and remove your dead skin, you have a different haircut, you LOVE it when something feels different. Its a stress buster. Why?? You want to feel beautiful. So painful, yet so damn satisfying.

"Getting your 'gorgeous' out series" is not just a photo shoot, its an experience of a lifetime. Your eyes in the photographs look straight at you or at your own self. They stay with you for a lifetime. They teach you how to look at your own beauty. And when you are able to see your own beauty, your world becomes beautiful.

I am still finding ways to convey this to people. Words cannot convey this experience, but only experiencing it can. So i decided to keep this as a regular thing at my studio..Didn't have the guts to do this earlier, but felt confident over time - 

Come and have a makeover and free photo shoot experience. 
Pay a session fee of Rs.2000(makeup artist, styling expenses). 
If after you see your portraits, something inside you does not shift, if you do not feel amazing, beautiful and happy, you don't need to buy any portraits at all. 
If you love them, you can buy as many pictures as you like.  

I am glad to be given such a beautiful gift of being a photographer. Even if it inspires, empowers and brings joy to a few people in this world, i'll feel honored. I'll keep photographing people, showing them their beauty forever. 

Now on, i am consciously going to let only the pictures do the talking. So here starts the series..

Two of the 4 shoots i did this month -- 
Diksha Gupta - Banker
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Dr. Nivedita Page - Anesthetist