Fearlessly Create!

2013 is ending and it has been the year of major changes. All changes are always for the good though. I've learnt a lot about myself. I've come closer to knowing myself better and simplifying my life. And i realize that's what Life is all about - Simplification! 

There are so many dreams we have in our head. We go out to achieve them. And then how much time do we spend in our head? Judging ourselves, wondering if we can reach there, wondering how, worrying about somebody commenting on us, criticizing us, "but she did this and failed", "he said my dream is stupid", thinking your not good enough, thinking your not worthy enough, my mom won't allow, my dad will disown me, i have responsibilities, its not possible and much more crazy stuff like that. How much mental energy does that suck out! Don't you feel like screaming out - Now STOP!

Stop it! Wherever you are, in whatever situation you are, after whatever bad things you have done and regretted, the fact stays - You are a Creator! That's the ultimate fact! Whether you accept it or not you are constantly creating even when you say your not - The difference is your just not aware of what your creating. What you keep speaking in your mind over and over again becomes your reality. Average out the energy of your day, week and that will be the place you are headed. That will be your life. If its good, keep it up if not, something is gotta change. 

Aren't you tired of living your fantasies just in your head? Don't you want to create it and actually be able to touch it, feel it?

If you have done something wrong in the past, forgive yourself.
If somebody else has done wrong unto you, forgive them and forgive yourself for creating it.
If the situation is bad, accept it and build a new reality.
If you don't know how to do something, learn new techniques. There are many people in the world who had your problem and they have solved it. When you want to learn, a teacher appears! 
If your bored of your life, change something, add more fun to it. Take time out, play, read, dance, do what you love.
If your heart is not in your work, get out of it.

But for God's sake Stop complaining! Stop giving excuses. There is always a way! Always! There is a solution to every problem - Accepting, Changing, letting go! Life is beautiful. Create what you love fearlessly. There is nobody stopping you other than Yourself! Accept this and start changing your energy. For 2014 list down all your dreams you want to create and announce it to the world that you are creating this now. Start seeing the beautiful things around you. Start seeing the love you already have in your life. Start loving yourself more. Start appreciating life - its beautiful. Be thankful for all the goodness you have in life and Watch your life change! Its magic. 

You deserve more, your worth much more than you think! So in 2014 please cut the crap and Fearlessly Create! :)