White Hole Creations Reel 2013

Finally updated our production reel for 2013. I am starting White Hole Creations in Mumbai & Pune and as many of you all know my friend Samik has already started it in Kolkata. Our ultimate goal is to make feature films. Along with that we will be open to making corporate films, documentaries, experimental films, photography, music. A new step in my career, its all scary and exciting at the same time. Stepping out of a secured salaried job, it feels good to live my dream finally doing what i love. I hope with this i can reach and touch more hearts with my art. I feel in this life I am meant to be an artist and every work i do from now on will be an extension of myself. I wish to be a channel where art flows through me into the world in whatever form it wishes to. Dedicating my life to art fully! Bless me :)