My best friend's wedding! :)

My best friend got married on 2nd July, 2013. Nivedita is my friend since the time when i didn't even know what friendship meant. She made me proud. She is my super achiever of the year. 3 years back she fell in love with a guy named Nehal. She wished to marry him but only with her family's blessings. She loved her parents equally. She let go of neither her family nor Nehal. She stood firm with her vision, with her dream in the clouds of doubt and unpredictability. Her parents loved her equally and they agreed. Family and friends enjoyed the wedding and I have never seen her look so Beautiful ever! She taught me something from all this -

 Never make a big deal of your problems. They get solved if you let them solve themselves. Believe in yourself and don't compromise on your dreams. Its not an accident! You get what you want. Nobody can strip you off your experience if you see it so clearly.

I love you Nivedita and I am the proudest friend!

And yes i forgot to mention - Cherry on the top was that the next day of getting married her MD Anesthesia results were out and she topped her college. Dreams do come true! :)