This thing called Life!

Ever since i was a kid, i had these weird questions about how we came here? why do we live? etc, etc..It felt like the big big mystery. I don't know if that is normal for a child to think that way or maybe i was weird. Anyways this is what i have come to realize now or this is what i make of what Life taught me. There is this spirit or God if u want to call it or nothingness or something like that which is very powerful. It is all there is and it has this innate passion for living. It wants to live and experience everything that Life gives - emotions, our bodies, our creations, our sorrows, our joys, everything. It loves each and every aspect of life. It loves creating. And that is where we come. We are that spirit that has a passion for Life. We have the capability to create whatever we want to and experiencing it. Like a performer. The real experience that brings joy to him/her is when they are actually performing than before or after the performance. And that is why we live. We live to experience. Life is an experience! So if there's so much passion in us for "Life" that we came into this world to experience it, why not live fearlessly and experience what ever we want to? This is our playground. Lets play! Here is my pic of the day :)

Location : Trockener Steg looking over the village of Zermatt, Switzerland